Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just a little update...

I'm happy to say that I'm still here - although on a current leave of absense from my "professional" place of work as my children have been diagonosed with Autism (both of them) within a year of eachother - and my Doctor has, rightfully so, advised me of the time off so that we can adjust, mentally, financially, and physically to the lifestyle of my daughters.

Down but not forgotten though, I'm still working on various web and digital projects. Digitally in Second Life, look for me as Audra Siemens - we offer many things, from real estate, advertising, coordination of events and blog entries that showcase new products and stores belonging to other members of the SL Community.

A nice plus, this month a hunt that we helped to organize ended up on the events Showcase for - which allowed us increased traffic and was great advertising. I hope that the rest of the vendors in our area are feeling the effects of that in monetary gain.

Some websites I've been working on: 

I've also been lending my voice to advertisements for miX Radio (available off the Giano Properties website or in world in Newport Keys and various other locations). Its been fun times, and I enjoy the diversity that this brings. 

Digital imaging that I've been working on, have mainly been advertisements in-world and avatar clothing. But if you'd like to see something, send me an email, I'd be happy to oblige! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!