Saturday, November 5, 2011

My History In Web and Design

I just had a request for some information on the websites examples to showcase what I can do, or offer.. and I realized that I don't really have anything online that showcases some of the websites or things that I create. I lot of the websites I do, people give to me in small parts, so the site is up before they give content for it. I do not recommend this method. It mostly leaves websites up that I can show, that don't really show what it is supposed to do, or what is supposed to be accessed via the website itself. I'll probably add this page to a "pages" section of this blog so that it is readily accessible the next time someone asks me what I can do!

So, here we go a little bit...

In the realm of the real world I have worked on some of the following websites:

Some websites not on this list are government websites (I have worked for both the provincial government of New Brunswick and the Department of Natural Resources on internal and external websites), and websites that I have worked on that are no longer available, or unrecognizable from the time that I designed it. 

A few of my genealogy websites:

In the realm of Second Life or virtual worlds I have worked on some of the following websites:

Blogger websites, customization etc:

The stuff that takes up a lot of my time lately, is in-game textures for Second Life. This includes a lot of Photoshop processes to make signs, posters, clothing, body shading and realistic textures for hats, shoes, bags, homes or buildings and virtual photography.  Its pretty hard to explain really without seeing it, but a lot of my product stuff can be seen in Audra Siemens Photostream on Flickr - Audra Siemens is my in-world persona on Second Life where I currently do a lot of my Photoshop work.

aaand that's all I can think of at the moment... Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or want to know more!

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