Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lots of things going on...

Okay, so I've been busy busy recently. Like most days. What have I been doing? Gosh, the list is so long...

Content creation for is underway. We still have a ways to go with this site, but I'm excited to see it blooming into what it was supposed to be.

The day before yesterday I recorded the weekly event listing for the Newport Keys sim. By recording, I mean I recorded the radio spot for it. Then my lovely Scott edited it and put it in the advertising rotation of miX radio ( I heard it for the first time yesterday and was so very pleased with it!

A new gridwide hunt is starting in Second Life too (well, lots are starting, but one that I'm helping to organize). The Dr Seuss hunt is about to start and the walkthrough was fairly successful. I also made a polka dot skin for it and I just can't stop laughing about it!

Last night, I DJ'd at the virtual club Amaranth. It was a fun filled night with a "Best in Shorts" contest going on. I played a variety of music from The Tragically Hip to Monifa. And I only crashed once! I think its a record.

Tonight I have a gesture request. It has a bad word in it though so I'll have to wait until my kids go to sleep to record it!

I made some textures a while ago for some New England type buildings. I really need to get back to them and make some variations including windows and trim. I'll post some so you can have a peek.

Speaking of textures, I've discovered - be cognizant of the licensing agreements, but the textures are great!

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