Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog purpose...

I've just realized that I don't actually have a professional blog... Not one that showcases what I can do etc etc...

If you're looking for information about me that is not of a professional nature, you can find me on www.facebook.com, www.livejournal.com, twitter and various other social media devices :)

However, this blog will be devoted to things I've done, can do and will do with respect to professional talents.

My all time favorite things to do are play on my computer... by play, I mean work, but work can be play if you do it right.

I also am the avatar Audra Siemens in second life - a shady beginning to be sure, but she's blossomed into a businesswoman with bright prospects and many projects. In the course of this blog, I'm sure you'll see things from the both of us, as she's me after all...

Stay tuned!

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